in print

The New York Times
Republicans Spin Impeachment While Ukrainians Suffer,” January 30, 2020
Russian Trolls Are Only Part of the Problem,” January 25, 2018
The Only Way to Defend Against Russia’s Information War,” September 25, 2017

The Washington Post
The real impeachment bombshell? How to pronounce ‘Kyiv.’” November 21, 2019.
Yes, Trump released the aid to Ukraine. But the damage was already done.,” November 15, 2019
Which Democratic candidate has the best policies on social media?,” November 8, 2019
Five myths about Ukraine,” September 26, 2019
It’s time to start regulating Facebook,” November 15, 2018
Why dictators love Facebook,” April 13, 2018
Our biggest mistake in the fight against fake news,” March 31, 2017

The Atlantic
Estonia Already Lives Online—Why Can’t the United States?,” May 27, 2020
Ukraine’s Election is an All-Out Disinformation Battle,” April 17, 2019

Facebook’s Kill Switch Solves the Wrong Problem,” August 21, 2020
Facebook Groups are Destroying America,” with Cindy Otis, June 17, 2020

How an Anti-Trump Flash Mob Found Itself in the Middle of Russian Meddling,” July 5, 2020 (adapted from How to Lose the Information War)
The Ukrainian President Isn’t Trump’s Stooge,” September 26, 2019

New Statesman
Why we need ‘informational distancing’ during the coronavirus crisis,” April 3, 2020

Columbia Journalism Review
Ukraine made a comedian its President. Here’s what US media can learn,” May 3, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg’s Bad New Year’s Resolution,” January 15, 2019

Facebook’s regulation fail in Ukraine should worry Europe,” May 17, 2019

BuzzFeed News
This Anti-Elizabeth Warren Senate Campaign Was Boosted By Fake Facebook Accounts,” October 3, 2018

The Wilson Quarterly
The Disinformation Vaccination,” January 31, 2018

Facebook is undermining democracy,” February 25, 2020
This Ukrainian presidential candidate is challenging language divisions with a message of unity,” April 19, 2019

The New Republic
Available in Helsinki: the Fate of Eastern Europe,” July 13, 2018
At What Point Can We Say Trump Is Sabotaging Russia Policy?,” March 28, 2018

America is Losing the Information War,” June 30, 2020 (adapted from How to Lose the Information War)

Coda Story
How Disinformation Became a New Threat to Women,” December 12, 2017

Project Syndicate
Trump’s Bigger Russia Problem,” September 21, 2017

The New Scientist
The Darkening Web: Misinformation is the strongest cyberweapon,” August 30, 2017
Powerful or Powerless: The backdoor to our cyber future,” 24 January 2018
Books chart social media’s fall from global village to villain,” 29 May 2018

Foreign Policy
Arsenal of Democracy,” July 23, 2016

German Marshall Fund’s Alliance for Securing Democracy
The Top Three Trends We Miss when Discussing Russian Ads,” May 15, 2018

congressional testimony

“United States Efforts to Counter Russian Disinformation and Malign Influence,” before the House Approprpiations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, July 10, 2019.

“Election Interference: Ensuring Law Enforcement Is Equipped to Target Those Seeking to Do Harm,” before the Senate Judiciary Committee, June 12, 2018.

academic/policy papers

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